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All about moorings

It's all about the moorings

Coquet Yacht Club has many members of many different requirements. For the members who do not wish to partake of the nearby Amble Marina for boat moorings we have the Club river moorings available.
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CYC currently has 28 riverbed fore and aft chain based moorings available for use with capacity to extend as required. Most moorings are drying moorings with a few maintaining a draft of approximately 1.2m at low water springs.

Due to the type and configuration of the moorings available there is a maximum boat length of 30 feet for monohulls; but there are larger multihulls in residence on the river, and most monohulls are typically bilge keel type.

There is capacity available for motor boats under 24 feet in length depending upon weight.

The moorings users have access to the club raft to enable them to lift and inspect their allocated moorings when they need but regular moorings users work together in work parties to perform regular maintenance duties.

Boats are able to be stored on the moorings between April and end of October when the Club uses the resident boat hoist for a weekend of lift out and Winter storage ashore or on river bank. Maximum lifting capacity for the hoist being 5 tons.

Access to the river; and to your boat on the moorings is simply a case of launching your tender from the club paved slipway. Within minutes you can be tied up at your boat and mooring.

Tenders can be stored ashore either in the dinghy store or on the grass within the Club lawns dependent upon dinghy type and available space.

For those occasions when you want to check your hull below the waterline but don’t want to lift out, rubbing posts are available for club members to use between tides.

Some visitor moorings are available through prior arrangement.

Boat Fees: annual charges 2023

Mooring Fee including winter storage
Storage ashore £68.75 per calendar month or one off annual payment
Day boat storage ashore £27.50 per calendar month or one off annual payment (see note 2)
Dinghy storage ashore (see note 3)
Harbour dues (per metre) (see note 4)
Lifting charge
Winter storage ashore – for boats not on a mooring
Trailer storage only (annual charge – a trailer not used during the year)
Summer storage (for trailers for boats on moorings


1. A boat paying for a mooring can store an inflatable in the dinghy store or a rigid tender outside at no further charge.
2. A day boat is one of size such that it is launched with the aid of a vehicle.
3. A dinghy is of such a size that it can be launched by hand.
4. Harbour dues are collected by the Club on behalf of Warkworth Harbour Commissioners, who require this charge to be levied on every boat that is put below HW in the harbour no matter how long for. Harbour Dues are not pro rata.
5. For arranging lifting, mooring and storage, members should download the appropriate form using the link below. Complete the form before requiring the facility.

Application Form:

The 2024 moorings application form can be downloaded using this link: 2024 Moorings Application.