Our History & What We Do

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Our history and what we do

Formed in 1964 originally in Harrison’s Boat Yard.
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In 1963 a small group of like-minded people had individual moorings in the river Coquet at Amble. Together they came to a decision to form a club. This club had its first meeting in January 1964 and operated from J&J Harrisons boatyard (now Amble Boat Yard) from where they launched their boats.

In these early days the group, now known as “The Club” rented an old caravan, which had facilities for making tea and coffee, in the boatyard, a large green shed for storing yacht tenders; and a smaller building which included a toilet and shower.

By the mid 1970’s the club moorings had grown considerably and there were approximately 80 yachts on the moorings. Around this time in the mid ‘70’s there was talk of a degaussing station being built at Amble on the North side of the river opposite what is now the Amble life boat dock. This announcement had the effect of the boat yard increasing the club rent considerably; and it was decided that should the club wish to progress any further with shore facilities we would have to move our base.

In 1977 the club moved, lock, stock and green shed onto The Braid where we had been donated a cedar wood chalet as a clubhouse. The green shed was still used to store inflatables.

After much negotiating a lease was obtained from Northumberland County Council for the land the Clubhouse currently resides upon. The Club continued to prosper developing further and by 1981 the ground floor of the clubhouse was built. By the late 1980’s the membership and clubhouse requirements had grown further resulting in the clubhouse receiving second storey being added.

This configuration can still be seen today with a few modifications. When the upstairs was first built there was an external staircase and over the last 20 years various transformations have been carried out, which is how the Clubhouse looks today. Lately there has of course been the addition of the balcony, ideal for watching the sun go down over Warkworth Castles as you sip on something wet from the bar and discuss the coming plans for the next sail or regale your fellow members about the best sail you’ve just had.

The club has always been a cooperative community with members usually doing most of the work on moorings and maintenance themselves. This ethos has run through the past 56 years to present day as the club continues to grow, develop and adapt to the changing membership requirements.

and what we do

What does CYC do

Coquet Yacht Club (CYC) is an active sailing club, with a great social scene.  Over the last year the club has grown substantially, and now boasts around 200 members, many of whom are actively involved in a variety of club activities.

We have a busy social calendar, with at least 1 event per month, and sometimes more.  The club is open every weekend, so even if there are no organised water based activities, you’ll be sure to find someone to chat to, the friendly bar and cafe team will be on hand to rustle up some decent grub or a beverage from the bar.

On the water side – we are after all a yacht club – we have a busy sailing calendar, during the spring – autumn, there are regular Yacht Races planned, usually attracting a good turn out.  Most of our boat owners are willing to take people as crew, so whether you are an experienced sailor or complete novice, we are a friendly bunch, so come along and we’ll endeavour to find you a boat to crew on. 

CYC has recently acquired some dinghies, and now hold regular racing and training, which has become very popular.  There are plans afoot to further expand these activities over the coming year.

So, whether you are an avid sailor, want to give it a go, or simply want somewhere nice to relax and meet new people, we have it all here at CYC.  Once you’ve seen the stunning views from the clubhouse, we are sure you won’t want to leave.